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Nophadrain Podium Deck Systems

Dependable system for installing pedestrian pavement – setts and cobbles, natural stone, wooden decking – on podium decks and balconies.

Nophadrain Podium Deck System

Features and advantages of podium decks

What is a podium deck roof?
Podium decks allow for the installation of concrete and natural stone pavements on roofs and balconies. In order to prevent damage to the landscaping, it is important to install the landscaping on a drainage system with a high compressive strength. Poor drainage of rain water can result in scale development on the pavement that is difficult to remove. The landscaping can also suffer from discolouration as well as freezing.

Advantages of podium decks:

  • Maximize open space: podium decks create extra living space in unexpected places that offer private and public access.
  • Prevents damage to paving: a drainage system with high compressive strength provides good precipitation drainage. This prevents limescale from developing on the pavement, which is hard to remove.
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane: the vegetation helps to counteract the harmful effect of sunlight and rain on the waterproofing membrane. This protects the waterproofing membrane and it increases its lifespan.
  • Positive contribution to the living environment: this system is generally combined with vegetation. It therefore makes a positive contribution in areas such as biodiversity, combatting the heat island effect and reducing sewer system loads during heavy precipitation.

The Nophadrain Podium Deck System

One complete system
The Nophadrain Podium Deck System is an all-in-one solution.

Standard composition Nophadrain Podium Deck System

Nophadrain Podium Deck System

Explanation composition:
1. Flexible paving
2. Laying course or leveling layer
3. ND 220 Drainage System
4. ND TGF-20 Separation and Slip Film
5. Waterproofing membrane

The heart of the Nophadrain Podium Deck System

The core of the Nophadrain Podium Deck System is the ND 220 Drainage System. This multifunctional, CE-marked drainage system with high compressive strength prevents the stagnation of water under the pavement. This protects the pavement from scaling and discolouration. The ND 220 Drainage System also prevents frost damage as a result of freezing of the underground and thus provides a stable under layer for the pavement.

The ND 220 Drainage System also prevents the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing membrane. The drainage system contains a sheet that spreads the pressure, which, in combination with the ND TGF-20 Separation and Slip Film, protects the waterproofing membrane against mechanical loads.

We would be glad to advise you about the options. We can help you maximize the advantages of a podium deck while limiting the risks to a minimum.

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CAD-drawings podium deck

CAD-drawings podium deck

Here you can find CAD-drawings of the Nophadrain Podium Deck Systems.
Specifications podium deck

Specifications podium deck

Here you can find general specification texts for the Nophadrain Podium Deck Systems.
Brochures podium decks

Brochures podium decks

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