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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Podium Deck Systems

Dependable system for installing pedestrian pavement – setts and cobbles, natural stone, wooden decking – on podium decks and balconies.

Standard Nophadrain Podium Deck System

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One complete system

The core of the Nophadrain Podium Deck System is the ND 220 Drainage System. This multifunctional, CE-marked drainage system with high compressive strength prevents the stagnation of water under the pavement. This protects the pavement from scaling and discolouration. The ND 220 Drainage System also prevents frost damage as a result of freezing of the underground and thus provides a stable under layer for the pavement.

The ND 220 Drainage System also prevents the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing membrane. The drainage system contains a sheet that spreads the pressure, which, in combination with the ND TGF-20 Separation and Slip Film, protects the waterproofing membrane against mechanical loads.

Other Nophadrain systems for trafficable (pedestrian) roofs



The Fenemaplein in Zandvoort has been redeveloped into a dune landscape that can facilitate events. A challenging assignment, for which Nophadrain, as a developer of green and utility roof systems, has supplied the technical solutions. In collaboration with the municipality, landscape architect and contractor, drainage systems has have been chosen that fit the final end use: planting areas with marram grass, semi-paved paths and concrete pavement accessible for pedestrians and cars.

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