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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Parking Deck Systems

This system's high compressive strength means that the pavement on the roofs of both aboveground and underground structures can withstand not only cars but even emergency vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

Standard Nophadrain Parking Deck System

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One complete system

The core of the Nophadrain Parking Deck System is the ND 620 Drainage System (for cars) or the ND 620hd Drainage System (for emergency services and heavy goods vehicles), both with high compressive strength. These drainage systems prevent the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing membrane. The drainage systems, in combination with the ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet, protect the waterproofing membrane against static and dynamic traffic loads.

The ND 620 / ND 620hd Drainage Systems ensure excellent water drainage from the sub-base layer and prevent freezing and scaling in the flexible paving. This means they offer a stable and durable under layer for the flexible paving. Nophadrain Parking Deck Systems have been subjected to long-term dynamic load tests at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

Other Nophadrain systems for trafficable roofs (heavy goods vehicles and cars)



King Willem Alexander presided over the opening ceremony of Rotterdam Central Station on 13 March 2014. One of the components of this project is the Kruisplein Garage, a five-storey underground parking garage with 8 parking levels that together can accommodate 760 cars. It is the deepest garage in the Netherlands, its lowest point reaching -20 NAP (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum).

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