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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Tea House Oud Groevenbeek

Ermelo, 2022

Extensive Green Roof Systems





Aannemersbedrijf Fa. gebrs. VD Top


Trading company:

Bitasco Harderwijk



Van Ramselaar Dakexpert


Type of green roof:

Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System


165 m²


ND SV-300 Protective Geotextile

ND ESW-80 Erosion Protection Grid

ND DGS-E Substrate Extensive

ND Vegetation Blanket - Sedum

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At the beginning of the Oud Groevenbeek estate in Ermelo is the cozy Tea House of Natuurmonumenten. It is an ideal starting or finishing point for nice walks or bike rides around this beautiful green environment. This year the tea house got a renovation. A new floor and paintwork for the interior and as an absolute topper for the exterior: a green roof.

The roof was renovated and Nophadrain was chosen as the supplier of the green roof system for this special roof. The roof is pitched. Because of the high slope (approx. 16 degrees), a system was chosen that is suitable for pitched roofs. The ND ESW-80 Erosion Protection Grid elements are put together on the roof like a puzzle. The elements are then filled with substrate. This prevents the substrate from moving despite the high slope of the roof. The sedum blankets are placed as the last step.

Besides the fact that the roof is pitched, it is also very stylish. Flower bulbs are used to supplement the sedum vegetation. Tis flower bulb mix has been composed especially for the extensive green roof. The flowers bloom every year from February to May. By adding flower bulbs to the extensive green roof, it provides a food source for pollinators and insects even in early spring.

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