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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Landgraaf Centre Plan

Schaesberg, 2010-2013 (2 phases)

Intensive Green Roof Systems


Groenvorm Ontwerpburo voor Tuin & Landschap


Muncipality of Landgraaf


Aannemersbedrijf Jongen


Hoveniersbedrijf Queisen

Type of utility roof system:

Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof (in combination with pedestrian pavement)


6,000 m²


ND 4+1h Drainage System

ND 200 Drainage System

ND SM-25 Substrate Panel

ND DGS-I Substrate Intensive

ND DSG-E Substrate Extensive

ND EPS-50 Drain Panels

ND Sedum Cuttings

ND RS-30 Inspection Chamber

ND PVC 45 Edge Retaining Profile

Centrumplan Schaesberg Mei 2012 001
  • Centrumplan Schaesberg Mei 2012 001
  • Centrumplan Schaesberg Mei 2012 026
  • Schaesberg Centr050
  • Centrumplan Schaesberg Mei 2012 021
  • Schaesberg Centr008
  • Schaesberg Centr013
  • Schaesberg Centr015
  • Schaesberg Centr018
  • Schaesberg Centr026
  • Schaesberg Centr033
  • IMG 4403
  • Centrumplan 15 1 2013 029
  • Centrumplan 15 1 2013 013

The town centre of Landgraaf is getting an attractive new heart, offering a varied range of retail options, with apartments above the shops. A parking garage has been created underneath the building. Behind the shops is a courtyard with terrace houses that border the roof garden.

Intensive and extensive vegetation has been combined with pedestrian paving. The project was implemented in two phases and includes a unique transition between two different roof levels. The transition was constructed using water-permeable EPS blocks. The blocks have been stacked to form an embankment, on top of which a substrate has been laid that gives the entire structure a natural appearance.

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