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Smart systems for green and utility roofs


Zandvoort, 2018

Parking Deck Systems Podium Deck Systems Intensive Green Roof Systems


MTD Landschapsarchitecten


Municipality of Zandvoort


De Bie Wegenbouw

Type of utility roof system:

Nophadrain Parking Deck System - cars
Nophadrain Podium Deck System
Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System


5,420 m²


ND 600 Drainage System
ND 200 Drainage System
ND 5+1 Drainage System
ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Panels
ND TSF 100 Slip- and Protection Sheet

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The Fenemaplein in Zandvoort has been redeveloped into a dune landscape that can facilitate events. A challenging assignment, for which Nophadrain, as a developer of green and utility roof systems, has supplied the technical solutions. In collaboration with the municipality, landscape architect and contractor, drainage systems has have been chosen that fit the final end use: planting areas with marram grass, semi-paved paths and concrete pavement accessible for pedestrians and cars.

Fenemaplein is one of the oldest use roofs in the Netherlands, initially a 5,000 m² paved square on the roof of a parking garage dating from the 1960s, situated on the Zandvoort boulevard. The starting point for the redesign, completed last winter, is the creation of an organic dune landscape that can facilitate events and that has a clear connection with the boulevard.

Based on a design by MTD Landscape Architects, organically shaped planting sections with marram grass and sections with a semi-pavement consisting of sea shells have been installed. It is surrounded by sand-colored concrete pavement with a wave pattern. Three broad staircases ensure the access of the square from the lower located boulevard.

The applied Nophadrain Utility Roof Systems
The ND 600 Drainage System was chosen for the construction of the drivable section: a dimpled sheet with extremely high compressive strength (approx. 900 kPa) to which a monofilament woven filter geotextile is glued. The specific composition of this drainage system prevents the build-up of hydrostatic pressure on the waterproofing system and protects it against mechanical loads caused by cars or large groups of pedestrians. Besides the ND 600 Drainage System the ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet has been applied. This protective sheet with high mechanical and dynamic durability protects the waterproofing system from dynamic loads. It also prevents the ND Drainage System from sticking to the waterproofing membrane.

The ND 5 + 1 Drainage System was used for the construction of planting areas with sand and marram grass. “This drainage system can buffer up to approximately 5.8 l / m² of water in its high dimples. In addition, the high dimples on roofs with little to no slope ensure that the excess water does not remain on the waterproofing system. The ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Panels are placed on top of the drainage system. These mineral wool panels provide even more water buffering (approx. 40 l / m²) and pass on rainwater to the vegetation via capillary action. In addition, they have a filtering function for the fine sand dune on top of this project. For example, the roof drains or filter layers cannot clog.

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