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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Ebben Inspyrium

Cuijk, 2021

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The development of an intensive roof garden in combination with a roof terrace for the Green Event Location Inspyrium in Cuijk. This 1,400 m² roof garden is filled with lush vegetation including fruit crops and hundreds of herbs. A relaxed setting to taste the organically grown fruit and enjoy the fantastic view over the special landscape. In addition, the pavement offers the opportunity to enjoy a snack and a drink under natural stretch tents.

A good foundation starts at the bottom of the structure. Our ND TSF-100 Slip and Protective Sheet acts as a protection for the roofing system. For the podium deck, which is combined with intensive vegetation, our ND 220 Drainage System was applied. For the podium deck, we installed our powerhouse, the ND 600 Drainage System.

A great collaboration in which Schadenberg installed the entire roofing system and VIC Activating Landscapes realised the roof garden.

Rooftop Award 2022
On Friday, June 10, the Rooftop Symposium 2022 took place in the Royal Institute with the theme of the "battle" around the roof. A wonderful day with a varied program about biodiversity, multifunctional roofs, sustainability and many roof garden plans. Finally, the Rooftop Award was presented, in which this multifunctional roof garden of Inspyrium in Cuijk was declared the winner. Jury chairman Arjen Ketting (MVRDV) presented this award to Ebben Nurseries and VIC Landscapes.

The roof on the Inspyrium in Cuijk can call itself a deserved winner. Jury chairman Arjen (MVRDV): "This roof really has everything in it: a beautiful design, varied planting, a good functional function, many innovative elements and a lot of attention for nature and biodiversity."

A variety of multi-stem trees and shrubs characterize the 1,400 m2 roof, combined with islands of perennials, fruit trees, herbs and facade greenery. It is a varied, organic landscape with cozy sitting areas, a greenhouse, a pergola and a bar, as well as floating dining table chairs at a floating table and 3D-printed benches. There is also a windmill that automatically refills the drinking bowl of the birds by means of an overflow, a large bird's nest and bird boxes from a bird working group. The gigantic tree house with a beautiful view over the landscape and the roof garden completes the picture. A strip of trees with compound leaves, plants with mainly large leaves and many ferns give the tree house a jungle feeling.

The range is special for the plant lover. You will find a wealth of biodiversity and types of plants, suitable for all seasons. The design also provides an educational function. For example, visitors can place their bicycles under a large rain barrel where water can be pumped while cycling. Stimulating innovations is one of the objectives of the roof garden.

Nophadrain is very proud to have been able to contribute to this innovative project that eventually led to the Rooftop Award 2022. A wonderful recognition for the great collaboration and craftsmanship of a large number of parties.



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