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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

'De Bloem'

Rijnsburg, 2014-2019

Parking Deck Systems Intensive Green Roof Systems




De Raad Bouw BV


Flora Nova BV

Type of utility roof:

Nophadrain Parking Deck System
Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System


Approx. 6000 m²

ND products:

ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet
ND 4+1 Drainage System
ND 620hd Drainage System

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On this location called ‘’De Bloem” in 1914 a few flower growers decided to start up a Flower auction, first known as Bloemenveiling Flora, but recently known as Royal Flore Holland. After a few years the location in Rijnsburg got too small for the flower auction so the decision was made to create apartments on this location. The result is project ‘’De Bloem”, a very special complex including houses and apartments, that not only has the name of the original location but also some architectural trademarks that refer to the history of this location.

Especially from above the references to the old flower auction are obvious. Besides the flower names of the streets, the complex has been given the shape of a flower, completed with leaf veins in the paving.

An important part of this project is the construction of an underground parking. Quite a challenge, because the roof of this parking also constitutes as a courtyard for residents of “De Bloem”. A multifunctional roof, that not only is green, but also is trafficable for residents and visitors: by foot, bicycles and (large) vehicles. Luckily, the high compressive ND Drainage Systems are fully able to handle loads.

Multifunctional roof

The roof of this project is being used for different purposes, which means the roofing has to be installed for these different purposes as well. “There have been different and custom, by Nophadrain made, drainage systems installed. Simply explained that there has been installed a “normal” type that can be walked on and a specially made type that can handle the weight of heavy vehicles. That specially made type of drainage system has been installed under the road and parking spaces. Besides normal vehicles this paving should be strong enough to handle ambulances, firetrucks and other heavy vehicles. The stability of these kind of drainage systems is, especially for parking decks like “de Bloem”, very important.

The power of the system

For the trafficable roof of the underground parking of project “de Bloem” the following products have been used: ND TSF-100 Slip- and Protection Sheet and the ND 620hd Drainage System. That’s literally the power of the parking deck system. The high compressive ND 620 Drainage System (cars) or the ND 620hd Drainage System (emergency services and heavy vehicles) prevent the pressure of the water against the roof and protects, in combination with the slip- and protection sheet, the roof against static and dynamic traffic loads.

The ND 4+1 Drainage system has been installed underneath the vegetation zones. That there have been installed multiple drainage systems contiguously, is not a problem. The different ND Drainage Systems are designed to be combined.

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