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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Colosseumweg Parking Garage / Essalam Mosque

Rotterdam, 2011

Parking Deck Systems Intensive Green Roof Systems


Molenaar & Van Winden


Stichting Essalam Moskee


BAM Wegen BV Barendrecht


Drain Design Construct

Type of utility roof system:

Nophadrain Parking Deck System - heavy goods vehicles in combination with intensive vegetation


5,000 m²


ND 620 Drainage System

ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet

ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Panels

Moskee 029 WEB
  • Moskee 029 WEB
  • Moskee 14 10 11 113 WEB
  • Moskee 14 10 11 032 WEB
  • DE STRIP 035 WEB
  • DE STRIP 066 WEB
  • DE STRIP 075 WEB
  • De Strip 010 WEB
  • De Strip 034 WEB
  • De Strip 088 WEB
  • De Strip 116 WEB

The parking garage on the Colosseumweg has a walkable parking deck with intensive vegetation on top. The EU's biggest mosque is also located in this area. The complete system which has been utilised here has high compressive strength, making the parking deck safe for vehicular traffic. This system also makes it possible to grow greenery on top. When sealing cellars and parking decks, it is important to prevent leaks, especially when these are equipped with green zones. The Nophadrain Parking Deck System minimizes such risks while making optimal use of public space.

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