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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Centre Plan

Kerkrade, 2017

Parking Deck Systems Intensive Green Roof Systems


Gemeente Kerkrade


Bouwbedrijf Jongen


Van Zetten Groenprojecten

Type of Utility Roof System:

Nophadrain Intensief Groendaksysteem
Nophadrain Parkeerdaksysteem


2.000 m²

ND products:

ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet
ND 620hd Drainage System
ND 920hd Drainage System
ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Panel

Centrumplan Kerkrade 21
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 21
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 15
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 24
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 1
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 2
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 4
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 5
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 6
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 10
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 12
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 25
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 27
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade 28
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  • centrum_13.jpg
  • centrum_14.jpg
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  • centrum_16.jpg
  • centrum_17.jpg
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03901_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03919_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03928_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03938_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03901 2_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03919 2_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03941_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC03965_WEB.png
  • Centrumplan Kerkrade_DSC04028 2_WEB.png
  • Kerkrade Centrumplan Parkeergarage De Dirigent_Funderingslaag3_08-06-2017_WEB.jpg
  • Kerkrade Centrumplan Parkeergarage De Dirigent_Funderingslaag2_08-06-2017_WEB.jpg
  • Kerkrade Centrumplan Parkeergarage De Dirigent_Funderingslaag1_08-06-2017_WEB.jpg

New building complex 'de Dirigent' located in front of the theatre of Kerkrade, is part of the project Centrumplan Kerkrade, fase 2. Nophadrain was asked to produce and deliver the system for the parkingdeck of the underground parking of the newly builded complex. A special project because our headoffice and fabric are also located in Kerkrade. The parkingdeck will contain concrete pavement and some tree branches. Nophadrain delivers the ND TSF-100 Slip and Protection Sheet; ND 620hd Drainage System & ND 920hd Drainage System and ND WSM-50 Water Reservoir Panels.

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