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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Project references

  • Ebben Inspyrium 12 WEB

    Ebben Inspyrium

    Cuijk, 2021

    The development of an intensive roof garden in combination with a roof terrace for the Green Event Location Inspyrium in Cuijk. This 1,400 m² roof garden is filled with lush vegetation including fruit crops and hundreds of herbs. A relaxed setting to taste the organically grown fruit and enjoy the fantastic view over the special landscape. In addition, the pavement offers the opportunity to enjoy a snack and a drink under natural stretch tents.

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  • mauritsvanhout_rijnsburg0026_WEB.png

    'De Bloem'

    Rijnsburg, 2014-2019

    Parking Deck Systems Intensive Green Roof Systems

    The underground parking of the “De Bloem” complex is a multifunctional roof, that consists of intensive vegetation and pavement that is accessible by foot, bicycles and (large) vehicles. The succes of this roof is a combination of the ND TSF-100 Slip- and Protection Sheet and the ND 620hd Drainage System.

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  • Dakpark helicopterview.png


    Rotterdam, 2011

    Intensive Green Roof Systems

    A unique project has been realised at Vierhavenstrip in Rotterdam Delfshaven. Businesses have been created on the site of a former rail emplacement, underneath a green roof park. This is the largest roof park in Europe. The park was opened in summer 2013.

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  • Vlinder

    ‘De Vlinder’ Entry Building

    Vaals, 2013

    Extensive Green Roof Systems

    The Labyrinth in Vaals has had a spectacular new entry structure since spring 2013. The roof of the building is shaped like a gigantic butterfly, covered in Sedum, in the colours of the Peacock butterfly.

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