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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

Sedumdirect® offers a complete package that consists of the delivery and application of the complete sedum vegetation by means of hydroseeding. The complete package includes the rental of the machine, the labour, and all necessary materials. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Product ND Hydroseeding, full service package

What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the best way to apply sedum shoots on an extensive green roof system. After the cuttings are manually spread, they are covered with a layer of organic material called mulch. This layer, a green-coloured mixture of wood orcellulose pulp with a special adhesive fertilizer and water, is sprayed over the sedum shoots with a hydroseeder. The mulch layer ensures that the cuttings do not rapidly dry out, do not blow away, or are not carried away by birds; and it makes it possible for them to rapidly take root and multiply in the substrate. This reduces the maintenance required during the initial phase and delivers faster results. As well as on rooftops, hydroseeding is also often used to protect roadside slopes and berms from erosion. Grass seeds are generally used for this purpose instead of sedum cuttings. Seeds are mixed into the mulch layer and are simultaneously sprayed onto the slope or berm.

Hydraulic sowing in practice


  • Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System
  • It is ideal for installation of embankments, roadsides, sound barriers, ground coverage, water retention basins and ditches.

What are the advantages of hydroseeding?

  • Protection against wind erosion
  • Prevention of rapid dehydration
  • Reduced maintenance in the initial phase
  • Protection against the birds
  • Faster establishment of the vegetation
  • Economical: you will profit from savings of more than 70 % as compared to the use of seed blankets and up to 40 % as compared to the application of sedum plug plants.
  • Fast and economical installation with a green end result.