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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

GARDLINER® Steel is a pliable edge retaining profile made of hard-wearing galvanized steel (and corten steel on request). The GARDLINER® Steel 100/4V Edge Retaining System with a height of 100 mm will form a permanent border between planted areas and paved areas. The steel fixing anchors connect the GARDLINER® Steel Edge Retaining Profiles. The Steel Fixing Anchor Roof also fixes the profiles in the ground. Thanks to the GARDLINER® Steel Fixing Anchor Roof, the edge retaining profile can be easily fixed to a concrete slab without the need for steel stakes. This means that GARDLINER® Steel Edge Retaining Systems are also suitable for use on green roofs.

approx. 2000 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm
approx. 10 m, 5 pieces per package
galvanized steel
elevation element standard
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx 2000 mm x 210 mm x 3 mm
Packaging approx. 20 m, 10 pieces per package
Material galvanized steel
Color grey
Fixation steel stakes and extension elements


• Hoggin and loose aggregate, private
• Self binding gravel, private
• Bark mulch
• Ponds and water features up to 200 mm depth
• Lawn, pits
• Gravel (alongside buildings)