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Smart systems for green and utility roofs

High-quality, CE-marked drainage system that can be used horizontally as extra drainage for single-layer extensive green roofs with limited fall. This drainage system is used vertically as an alternative to drain pipes with sand and gravel in athletic fields, golf courses, roadside/motorway ditches etc.

ND Strip 300 Drainage System
approx. 30 m x 0.30 m
approx. 30 m, roll
approx. 1,324 g/m²
approx. 0.30 m
approx. 28 mm
approx. 500 kPa
recycled, high impact polystyrene (HIPS)
polypropylene (PP)
approx. 378, Ø 15.8 mm
4.39 l/(s.m)
0.55 l/(s.m)
hEN 13252


  • Golf courses, sport fields and (high) ways
  • Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System
  • Single layer system
  • Metal roof constructions


  • ND Strip-T 150 T-Connector
  • ND Strip-E 150 End Connector
  • ND Strip-T 300 T-Connector
  • ND Strip-E 300 End Connector
  • ND Strip-V 150 Extension Connector