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ND WSE-70 Water Retention Element

Honeycomb with a height of approx. 70 mm made out of polyethylene (PP). A black geotextile is fixed on top of the honeycomb. The geotextile functions as a filter layer. The ND WSE-70 Water Retention Element stores the water temporary during heavy rainfall. The water has to flow through all the different elements of the honeycomb-structure first before it ends up in the ND Drainage System. After that, the ND Drainage System drains the water off the roof through a special roof outlet.

ND WSE-70 Water Retention Element
Material Polyethylene (PP)
Material geotextile PET
Height approx. 70 mm
Weight approx. 2.38 kg/m²
Compressive strength approx. 300 kPa
Volume approx. 66,5 l/m²  
Dimensions (L x W) approx. 2,400 x 1,200 mm


  • Nophadrain Water Retention Roof System