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ND DGS-E Substrate Extensive

This substrate is specially designed for extensive green roofs. The composition of the substrate is tailored to the needs of extensive vegetation and meets the requirements of the FLL Green Roof Guidelines for the design, installation and maintenance of extensive green roofs.

ND DGS-E Substrate Extensive
Material mineral and organic substrate mix
Weight dry approx. 0.95 t/m³
Weight satured approx. 1.4 t/m³
Water retention capacity > 44 % volume
Subsidence approx. 15 %
pH value 5 - 7.5


  • Loose (tipper truck load): approx. 28 m3
  • Silo load, forced air distribution: approx. 27 m3
  • Small bag: approx. 17 l
  • Big bags: 1 m3 - approx. 1,000 l


  • Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System