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ND Trasdrain 100sv

High-quality, CE-marked, passive capillary drainage system with construction height of 16.5 mm. The product is suitable for fixed and loose installation of outdoor floor coverings (e.g. natural stone and ceramic tiles) on balconies, terraces and outdoor staircases. The core of drainage system is perforated and consequently ensures optimal vertical drainage when the drainage system is used on unbound sub-bases that are in contact with the ground. In addition, the perforated core enables the product be used on inverted roofs as well. It's a 3-in-1 product (on roll) consisting of a filter geotextile and a vapour-permeable geotextile that are glued (not thermally bonded) to the dimpled core.

ND Trasdrain 100sv
Dimensions approx. 30 m x 1.25 m
Delivery form approx. 37.5 m², rol
Weight approx. 1,133 g/m²
Construction height approx. 16.5 mm
Compressive strength approx. 450 kPa
Material dimpled sheet recycled, high impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Material filter geotextile glass fibre, double-woven
Material vapour-permeable geotextile polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)
Perforations/m² approx. 1,540, Ø 6.3 mm
Drainage capacity 2 % (100 kPa) approx. 0.95 l/(s.m)
CE hEN 13252


One product, for several applications:

  • Floor coverings with fixed installation (on mortar bed): clinkers, concrete blocks, natural stones, ceramic tiles, etc.
  • Floor coverings with loose installation (on loose aggregate or gravel bed): clinkers, concrete blocks, natural stones, ceramic tiles, etc.

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Trasdrain brochure

Trasdrain brochure

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DoP ND Trasdrain 200hsv

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