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ND FV-300 Filter Geotextile

CE-marked, thermally calendered and very strong PP filter geotextile for the use as a filter and system element of the Nophadrain Water Retention Systems. The ND FV-300 Filter Geotextile is classified as GRK 5.

ND FV-300 Filter Geotextile
Material Thermally and mechanically consolidated filter geotextile made of 100% polypropylene
Colour White
Mass per unit (EN ISO 9864) approx. 305 g/m²
Tensile strength, MD / CMD (EN ISO 10319) approx. 22/24 kN/m
Elongation at maximum load, MD / CMD (EN ISO 10319) >50/50
Static puncture resistance CBR (EN ISO 12236) >3,500 N
Cone drop test (EN ISO 13433) approx. 15 mm
Waterflow normal to the plane (EN ISO 11058) approx. 40 l/m²s
Characteristic opening size (EN ISO 12956) approx. 60 μm
Thickness (EN ISO 9863/1) approx. 1.8 m
Geotextile robustness class (GRK) 5
Durability Predicted to be durable for a minimum of 25 years in natural soils with 4<pH
CE-marking CE-1213-CPR



  • System element of the Nophadrain Water Retention Roofs wit intensive and trafficable (pedestrian and vehicular) applications.
  • Horizontal filter layer between drainage- and gravel base layers as a system element of the Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof and Podium/Parking Deck Systems.

To be covered within 14 days after the day of installation.