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New: ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes - first 100% regrowing sedum cassette

Friday, June 2, 2023

Finally, they have arrived: our ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes. We are proud to announce the first sedum cassette made from 100% regrowing materials. PLA (Polylactic acid) and Miscanthus are the raw materials used. Whereas traditional plastics use polymers based on oil or gas, PLA uses polymers based on renewable resources.




Upcycling: waste as a raw material

The PLA that is used for the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette is made from potato peelings and corn that come from the waste streams of human and animal food production. Miscanthus Giganthus grows over 3 meters per year and stores CO2 while growing. The crop does not need to be fertilized or chemically sprayed and grows on plots that are
not suitable for food.

The ND re-GROW Sedum cassettes are suitable for postconsumer
recycling, granulation for use as a substrate or for industrial composting. This makes a green roof even greener than it already is.


The technology behind the re-GROW cassette

In the technical implementation of green roofs, the focus should always be on using as little plastic as possible. That is why we were committed making the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette thin walled, but still robust. The challenge here was to find a raw material that combines a low viscosity with a suitable MFI (Melt Flow Index) for the mold injection molding process. The mixture of PLA and Miscanthus that Nophadrain uses in the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes has been specially developed for this purpose. It is the first time to make a strong sedum cassette with PLA.



A true green roof

Of course green roofs contribute to more biodiversity, they have a cooling effect on the environment, they relieve the sewage system and can extend the lifespan of the waterproofing membrane. With the
ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette, we achieve all these benefits in an even greener way!

Sedum cassettes: the quickest and easiest way to install a green roof

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to install
a sedum roof? Then sedum cassettes are the best option.

Watch the video to see how fast and easy the installation is done with the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette.



All benefits

✅ Made of 100% re-growing materials: The tray of the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette is made of 100% re-growing raw materials and can be industrially composted at the end of its life cycle.

✅ Quick and easy to install: ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes combine 4 elements in one product: drainage layer, water buffering layer, substrate layer and vegetation layer. This results in an easy, less error prone and fast installation. Check out our installation instructions and video for more information.

✅ Lightweight system: With a saturated weight of < 65 kg/m² ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes are perfectly suited for lightweight constructions.

✅ Integrated water buffer and drainage function: The ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes combine water buffering and a drainage function in one product. The system can buffer up to 25 l/m². The design of the tray makes sure that excess water is safely drained into the roof outlets.

✅ Easy to pick up: ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes have a dimension of 400 x 600 mm with a height of 70 mm. They have two handles on the bottom of the cassette. This makes the cassettes easy to handle – when picking up, while placing and when lifting up again.

✅ Low maintenance: For the best result, it is recommended to fertilize ND re-GROW Sedum Cassettes as shown in the fertilization scheme twice a year. Before fertilizing check the water outlet(s) and remove unwanted vegetation.

✅ Immediately green: After installation the roof is directly green with a coverage of > 85% and 4-8 sedum species. The roots and the vegetation are well developed due to the perfect nursing conditions.


Technical information
Dimensions per cassette 600 x 400 x 70 mm
Cassettes per m² approx. 4,17 pcs.
Saturated weight approx. 15 kg per cassette / 63 kg per m²
Water buffering capacity approx. 6 l per cassette / 25 l per m²
Cassettes per pallet 52 pcs. packed on standard Euro pallet
Download here the datasheet of the ND re-GROW Sedum Cassette


Download the flyer (with installation instruction)