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Benefits of drainage systems on roll


3-in-1 product

All our ND Drainage Systems are delivered on roll. They are a 3-in-1 product consisting of a woven or non-woven filter geotextile, a dimpled core (with / without perforation and with / without water buffering), a separation and protection geotextile or a pressure dividing slip film.

This sandwich element aspect has many benefits! Easy to transport and unroll and fast to install.

E.g. for the ND X20 Drainage System a standard truck can be loaded with up to 3.600 m² (144 m² per pallet). This are features that help to reduce installation and transportation cost.


Benefits of rolls


Benefits of glueing

  The installation of the ND Drainage Systems can be carried out very quickly because it's a sandwich element. This means saving installation time and therefore saving costs for the contractor.
  The geotextiles are glued and not thermally bonded to the dimpled core to avoid damage to the mechanical and hydraulic properties of the geotextile and the drainage system. Moreover it prevents the geotextiles to be pushed in between the dimples obstructing the drainage capacity. The overlap of the filter geotextile secures an optimal filtration.