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ND 600 serie Drainage Systems


3-in-1 product

All our ND Drainage Systems are delivered on roll. They are a 3-in-1 product consisting of a woven or non-woven filter geotextile, a dimpled core (with / without perforation and with / without water buffering), a separation and protection geotextile or a pressure dividing slip film.

This sandwich element aspect has many benefits! Easy to transport and unroll and fast to install.

E.g. for the ND X20 Drainage System a standard truck can be loaded with up to 3.600 m² (144 m² per pallet). This are features that help to reduce installation and transportation cost.


Benefits of the ND 600 serie Drainage Systems

  • Direct application of sub-base layer or drainage concrete on top of the drainage system possible through special monofilament woven filter.
  • Extremely high compressive strength up to approx. 1,200 kPa ensures that dimples do not deform during high loads, so that drainage remains optimal.
  • Under 10 % deformation the compressive strength stays high (approx. 1,000 and 800 kPa)
  • Suitable for working with vibrating plate due to high compressive strength and special monofilament woven filter.
  • Thin construction; less plastic on the roof.
  • Protects against dynamic and static loads. 
  • 3-in-1 sandwich element on roll ensures easy installation.
  • Fit for purpose: options for warm roof constructions, roof constructions without thermal insulation and inverted roof constructions.
  • Fully tested on protection by means of an index test: assessment on the level of protection provided by the protection layer.
  • Fully tested on performance: Assessment of the performance and behaviour of a pavement structure under simulated trafficking conditions performed at the Technical University Munich.

The ND 600 serie Drainage Systems

ND 600 Drainage System ND 600sv Drainage System
ND 620 Drainage System
ND 600hd Drainage System ND 600hdsv Drainage System ND 620hd Drainage System