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'Vierhavenstrip' Roof Park

Rotterdam, 2011

Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System


Park: Buro Sant & Co en dS+


Municipality of Rotterdam


Dura Vermeer in cooperation with Mostert de Winter

Type of utility roof system:

Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System – inverted roof


40,000 m²


ND 200sv Drainage System



A unique project has been realised at Vierhavenstrip in Rotterdam Delfshaven. Businesses have been created on the site of a former rail emplacement, underneath a green roof park. This is the largest roof park in Europe. The park was opened in summer 2013.

The park is striking thanks to its enormous dimensions and design. The roof park measures 1 kilometre long by 80 metres wide (80,000 m²). It is an attractive and well-maintained park which sees a lot of use. It has lots of greenery and is easily accessible from the neighbourhood, with places to eat and drink, themed gardens and facilities for children. The park can be reached via various stairways and also has a lift. The largest section of the roof park was created with the use of the Nophadrain Intensive Green Roof System.

The underlying roof surface is protected by means of the inverted roof principle (with insulation above the roof covering rather than below it). This waterproof insulation also has enough compressive strength to withstand the loads of the roof park's components above it.

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