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NHL Hogeschool (hydroseeding)

Leeuwarden, 2015

Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System


Flora Nova, Ophemert 

Type of utility roof system:

Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System


1,150 m²

ND Products:
ND 4+1lt Drainage System
ND RS-8 Inspection Chamber
ND Hydroseeding


NHL is an educational institution for higher education in the Netherlands. The institution has more than 11,000 students and more than 1,000 employees. On the roof of the headquarters in Leeuwarden the installation of a Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System (by means of hydroseeding) was started in 2015.

The ND 4+1lt Drainage System is the heart of the green roof system. It functions as a filter, drainage, waterbuffering, protection and separation layer. De vegetation consists of sedum. This was installed by means of hydroseeding. Nophadrain offers a total package for hydroseeding: ND Hydroseeding. The pictures show footage of installation and the situation of 1 year after installation.

About hydroseeding:
Nophadrain offers a complete package that consists of the delivery and application of the complete sedum vegetation by means of hydroseeding. The complete package includes the rental of the machine, the labour, and all necessary materials. More information? Visit our hydroseeding page.
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