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Spraying plants on the roof?

Meterik, 2017

Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System


Citavital – Feng Shui desig


Citavital und Nophadrain BV

Type of utility roof system

Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System - Pitched Roof (45 degrees)


300 m²

ND Products:



Citavital - Feng Shui Design is engaged with Feng Shui Interior Styling and the design of the so-called “Feel Good Gardens”. A Nophadrain Extensive Green Roof System – steep pitched roof (approx. 45 slope angle) is installed on top of the new practice of Citavital in Meterik (NL). The vegetation consists of Sedum. Sedum cuttings were sprayed on the roof by means of hydraulic seeding (ND Hydroseeding total package).

The ND Sedum Cuttings were mixed with the mulch layer in the tank of the hydroseeder. It was sprayed on top of the roof as one substance. In this way the vegetation sticks against the roof and isn’t able to slip of the roof because of the high slope angle. There are more benefits to ND Hydroseeding:

  • Protection against wind erosion
  • Prevention of rapid dehydration
  • Reduced maintenance in the initial phase
  • Protection against the birds
  • Faster establishment of the vegetation
  • Economical: you will profit from savings of more than 70 % as compared to the use of seed blankets and up to 40 % as compared to the application of sedum plug plants.
  • Fast and economical installation with a green end result.
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