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For over twenty years, Nophadrain has been living up to its philosophy of ‘Maximize the open space’ by developing and producing smart systems for the installation of utility roofs. We play an important advisory role and are closely involved in the realisation of our projects.

In addition to our utility roof systems, we produce professional GARDLINER edge retaining systems for gardeners and also grow a wide range of high-quality sedum plants at our own sedum nursery Sedumdirect.

Development and production

Development and production

Nophadrain develops and produces systems that enable vegetation and paving for foot and vehicular traffic on roofs and parking decks. Our smart drainage systems combine the various functional layers for a utility roof construction in a single product.

We constantly test our recycled raw materials in our own lab to ensure their suitability, so we can guarantee the quality of our utility roof systems. By maintaining full control over development and production in-house, we are able to constantly respond to new developments and insights, optimising sustainability and other aspects. This also leaves us the flexibility to optimally address your needs and wishes. 

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Consultation and engineering

For Nophadrain, delivering a good product does not stop at the production stage. Our specialists will closely assist you through every step of the construction process, from design to implementation. 

When designing a utility roof, the underlying roof construction, the roof covering to be installed and the elements used to protect it are essential for the success of your project. Our specialists can provide you with construction advice that takes every facet of the building process into account – from information about regulations and certification to advice about the right vegetation or paving to use. Our consultants will also ensure seamless installation of the Nophadrain Utility Roof Systems on site. 

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Nophadrain Drainage Systems combine the various functional layers to create a single, uniform product, making our utility roof systems quick and easy to install.

With Nophadrain you can opt for delivery and installation of the complete system. For these projects we work exclusively with specialised companies that have experience with our systems. You keep the same contact person throughout the entire process, so that everything – from consultation to final installation – runs smoothly and clearly. 

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Rolling out ND Drainage System

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Applying substrate or foundation

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Applying vegetation or paving