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Who is who

Are you curious about all the Nophadrain departments and the faces behind the names? Discover who is who at Nophadrain and who to contact if you have any questions.

Team Directie_DEF_800x560.png


The director of Nophadrain is Stephan Droog. His last name, which is Dutch for ‘dry’, is exceedingly appropriate for someone who runs a company with drainage as its core business. His shadow is Mr T. Janssen, the office dog. 

As director of Nophadrain, Stephan Droog focuses on Nophadrain's long-term plans. Quality, innovation, and sustainability are all top priorities.

Team Verkoop DEF 800X560

Team Technical Sales

Our sales department is the company's encyclopaedia. Would you like more information about our products? Do you have questions about directives or standards? 

Or do you want to know what the right vegetation or pavement is for your project? Then there is no better place to turn than to our technical advisers. They can also assist you with quotation requests and orders.

Thorsten DEF 600X800

Thorsten Schneider

Sales & Marketing Director

Languages: DE / EN

Area: Germany, Export

+31(0) 450 5030

Pieter DEF 600X800

Pieter Wesselink

Sales Director

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Area: Netherlands

+31 (0)45 8200 971

Petr Kafonek_DEF_600x800.png

Petr Káfoněk

International Sales Manager

Languages: EN / CZ / PL

Area: Export

Noel Vievermanns_DEF_600x800.png

Noël Vievermanns

Technical Sales Manager

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Area: Netherlands, Germany, Export

+31 (0)45 8200 968

Sander DEF 600X800

Sander Has

Technical Sales Representative

Languages: NL / EN

Area: Netherlands

+31 (0)45 8200 969

Nadine DEF 600X800

Nadine Coenen

Technical Sales Representative

Languages: NL / EN

Area: Export

+31 (0)45 8200 961

Ozer DEF 600X800

Özer Bayraktar

Technical Sales Representative

Languages: NL / TR / DE /EN

Area: Germany

+31 (0)45 8200 979

Team OM DEF 800X560

Team Office Management

This team consists of two cheerful, helpful ladies. Chances are you will be speaking to one of them when you call our main number, which is why we call this department the ‘voice’ of Nophadrain. 

The ladies from Office Management also assist the Executive Board and handle everything related to personnel, facilities, and building-related matters for Nophadrain.

Celine DEF 600X800

Celine van Eijsden

Office Manager

Languages: NL / EN / DE

+31 (0)45 535 5030

Dewy DEF 600X800

Dewy Stegen - Houkes

Management Assistant

Languages: NL / EN / DE

+31 (0)45 535 5030

Team Bedrijfsbureau DEF 800X560

Team Planning & Control

As a production company, you need raw materials. That is where our Planning & Control department comes in. This department is responsible for purchasing the raw materials. 

This department also handles the orders and arranges transport.

Jose DEF 600X800

José Dortants

Order Processor

Languages: NL / DE / EN

Thom DEF 600X800

Thom Scholtes

Order Processor

Languages: NL / DE / EN

Team MarCom_DEF_800x560.png

Team Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication department handles market research and strategic choices on the one hand. 

On the other hand, this team is responsible for all of Nophadrain's internal and external communication. The work is diverse: from strategic planning to designing printed matter and maintaining the website.

Jasmina Paulzen_DEF_600x800.png

Jasmina Paulzen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Lars Delnoij_DEF_600x800.png

Lars Delnoij

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Team Finance DEF 800X560

Team Finance & Control

Without money, no business. This is why our Finance & Control department closely monitors the finances.

Alex DEF 600X800

Alex Wauben

Financial Controller

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Jose DEF 600X800

José Dortants

Finance Assistant

Languages: NL / EN / DE

Team Productie DEF 800X560

Team Production

Naturally, everything within Nophadrain stands or falls on the production of our systems. Our production team works hard to produce a high-quality product and maintain our stocks. This keeps the delivery time as short as possible for you. 

Our quality control manager is also part of the production team. She checks all the incoming raw materials. In the laboratory she performs all kinds of tests to ensure the high quality. The lab is also responsible for the CE markings.

Maurice DEF 600X800

Maurice Slabbers

Plant Manager

Kevin DEF 600X800

Kevin Quaedflieg

Head of Productions

Vedat DEF 600X800

Vedat Gülun

Warehouse Manager

Michel DEF 600X800

Michel Heitlager

Proces Operator

Sayen DEF 600X800

Sayen van Dommelen

Proces Operator

Falco DEF 600X800

Falco Krichelberg

Proces Operator

Finy Snackers DEF_600x800.png

Finy Snackers

Quality Control Manager

Team Technischedienst DEF 800X560

Team Technical Service

There is a lot of technology behind our production. The men of our Technical Service department are hard at work every day ensuring that all the machines continue to run smoothly. 

This team also handles any technical problems in the office.

Paul DEF 600X800

Paul Thomassen

Head Technical Services